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The European Tour

The XD Design Camp is a travelling design workshop held by experienced independent designers.

Design Offices Adobe brands & beyond

Come join us for one of two concurrent half-day workshops focusing on UX/UI design and interactive prototyping, including voice, animation, and design systems.

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Be part of the experience.

Get up to speed on the latest trends in design and design tooling, and immerse yourself, along with like-minded, in exploring future-proof workflows that help solve problems.

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Meet our speakers

Claire-Lise Bengue

Claire-Lise Bengue

Service Designer
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Chakib Labidi

Chakib Labidi

UX Consultant
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Matthias Ott

Matthias Ott

UX Designer
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Mattia Compagnucci

Mattia Compagnucci

Product Designer
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Claire-Lise Bengue

Service Designer

Claire-Lise has been exploring the transformation of text from paper to digital working in the digital publishing industry with magazines such as Marie-Claire, digital publishers such as Les éditions merveilleuses, and startups. She moved from art direction to UI, to UX design. In 2018, Claire-Lise joined CosaVostra, a digital agency and innovation lab based in Paris, France.

Chakib Labidi

UX Consultant

With a background in industrial design, Chakib is a London, UK based UX consultant and founder of UX Playground. He has taught user-centered design at Winchester University and UDK Berlin. Chakib has been working for over 17 years with clients internationally to create digital products and services.

Matthias Ott

UX Designer

Matthias is an independent UX designer and UI engineer based near Stuttgart, Germany. He teaches Interface Prototyping at Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design Kiel, curates the monthly newsletter, and frequently writes about the intersection of design, development, prototyping, and the (Indie)Web.

Mattia Compagnucci

Product Designer

Mattia is an experience designer and strategist based in Berlin. By merging his engineering knowledge with design research he looks at human behaviours, emerging technologies and how they can shape our futures. He is now applying his skills to the travel industry at Qixxit.

Workshop Beginner


Plunge into XD

This workshop takes you from designing a fully interactive user flow over user testing and stakeholder review right into developer handoff. We’ll also take a look at animation and voice interface design using XD and discuss collaborative workflows. The workshop covers:

  • Design and prototype using XD from start to finish
  • Share prototypes for review and design specs for production
  • Take a glimpse at animation and voice UI prototyping using XD
  • How to use XD as a part of your personal workflow and in teams
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Beginner Workshop

Workshop Advanced


Take a deep dive
into XD

If you are proficient in XD or any other design tools, this workshop is for you because it focuses on advanced XD functionality, such as animation, voice, designing based on real data and using plug-ins and integrations to extend XD functionality. A special focus will be on design systems and collaboration across distributed teams. You will learn:

  • How to leverage XD to design, test, review, and hand off for production, at scale
  • Create and maintain a design system using XD
  • Designing with data and for conversational interfaces, voice only and multimodal (screen and VUI)
  • Use plug-ins and app integrations to extend XD functionality
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Advanced Workshop

Upcoming Events

Pick an event and select one of the two parallel workshops in the next step:

12 Jun

Dresden, Germany

09 Jul

Düsseldorf, Germany

25 Jul

Stuttgart, Germany

19 Aug

Frankfurt, Germany

5 Sep

Hannover, Germany

30 Sep

Leipzig, Germany

15 Oct

Nürnberg, Germany

29 Oct

Heidelberg, Germany


TBC, Germany

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Meet the speakers

Our speakers are hosting even more public workshops and give speeches at upcoming events. See the full list of upcoming events here.

Prefer a private event? You can book the speakers for corporate workshops, training and consulting. Shoot them an email here.


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